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Muscle Reignite

Do you feel unusually weak in certain areas of the body? 

Have you worked out and felt like a certain group of muscles is just not behaving the way they used to?

It’s like those muscles are sleepy and won’t wake up, no matter how much you exercise. Well that's because they need a little stimulus, but its not gonna happen at the gym.

Muscles can lay dormant or have a very weak signal from the brain and not fire properly no matter how many crunches you do. They need a wake up call and our Qest4 Bioenergetic system is the one to give it!

Tiffany, the owner of Feelgood Fascia has had several muscles lay dormant or get incredibly weak with her permanent condition of Neuropathy, (nerve damage). When she found a solution for helping those muscles get back to original strength, it was mind blowing and life changing! 

Finally the Qest4 Bioenergetic system has made its way to Feelgood Fascia and it's here to help you get your life and strength back.

Enjoy this non-invasive and holistic treatment that can have you feeling stronger and more in control in minutes.

Read more about our Bioenergetic system here.

Tiffany said, “After being bedridden for 3 years, I thought I’d never feel strong again. I was worried I’d always feel sickly and broken. After this treatment, I realize I haven’t felt this strong since my ballroom dance days! I feel like she-hulk now!! I feel like I can do anything!”

Tiffany attributes this muscle strengthening feeling to helping keep her scoliosis at bay now that she has the proper stability to hold the spine in place!

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