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Muscle Frequency Technique

Do you feel like your glutes or core muscles don't fire like they used to? It's probably because they don't! Ever feel like after that car accident, things have never been the same? What about after childbirth... did you notice if your pelvic floor muscles are weak? Put simply, the goal is to reestablish the lost connection between brain and muscle so that one can literally feel the increased strength of muscles firing like they used to. 

Tiffany, the founder of Feelgood Fascia, learned that she had 59 muscles not firing and that it was contributing to her scoliosis, muscle weakness and imbalances.  After her MFT appointments, she said that she hadn’t felt that strong since her ballroom dance days. Since then, it has been her goal to bring MFT to life at Feelgood Fascia! We are SO excited to finally announce it’s arrival!


Muscle Frequency Technique Creator 

The Muscle Frequency Technique was born out of a desire to understand the complexities of the body and simplify the care and attention that the body deserves on a regular basis.  I am so excited about the combination of MFT and Fasciablasting!  This powerhouse combo can help your muscles and fascia in a way you never knew was possible! Schedule today and find out what these incredible services can do for you!

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