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Had my first Fasciablasting session and loved it! The clinic is beautiful, clean and welcoming with friendly staff. They educated me on the benefits of Fasciablasting including increased flexibility and reduced cellulite. As someone with scoliosis and chronic back tightness, I already feel more loose and can't wait for my next session!

Natalie W

I had such a wonderful experience at Feelgood Fascia! I am typically a massage only kinda girl but now because of Feelgood Fascia, I actually understand everything better. Now I am treating the problem, not the symptoms. I left feeling amazingly refreshed and can’t wait for my next session.
If you haven’t tried a fascia massage yet, you’re missing out! We all need some fascia release!

Lindsey F

I can’t say enough good about the entire Feelgood Fascia experience! The staff is knowledgeable, highly experienced, warm and friendly, so professional, and very easy to work with. The spa itself is gorgeous and very clean and comfortable. My face looks 20 years younger after three fascia facial treatments and I’m excited to have work done on my tennis elbow and tender runner’s legs. I give this spa a 10 out of 10 and I’ll be a lifelong patron.

Natalie C


We can't capture an image of pain relief, but we can clearly show how fasciablasting makes for healthier and happier Fascia!

  • Dowager's Hump

  • By releasing the bound fascia in this area, the hump can decrease and posture can improve!

  • With increased blood flow bringing collagen and elastin to the area, skin can tighten, scars can smooth and improve in appearance!

  • By breaking up the glued fascia beneath the skin, the appearance of cellulite can dramatically reduce or disappear entirely!

  • Bound up fascia can create dimples and dents! By breaking up the adhesions, the tissue is healthier and the skin can smooth!

  • Loose skin doesn't have to take permanent residence on your body! With Fasciablasting, circulation increases! Better blood flow brings in the nutrients that can help tighten and repair the skin and tissue beneath!

  • Proper blood flow is the true fountain of youth! The face protocol can revitalize skin giving a more youthful look and feel!
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