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Bioenergetic Screening

At Feelgood Fascia, we use the Qest4™ Meridian Stress Analysis* as another unique, holistic perspective and insight into your wellbeing. 

The Qest4™ System and Meridian Stress Analysis is a functional medicine tool that we use to evaluate physical and emotional well-being. It is a form of bio-energetic testing that uses a computer-based instrument to measure the energy throughout the meridians in your body. 

The Qest4™ system spots imbalances and creates customized homeopathic remedies based on the results. These remedies can help rebalance your body, getting it back to homeostasis, so the body has a better opportunity to heal itself.  

The analysis can discover where a functional disturbance has occurred. Simply explained, a functional disturbance is when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work, yet the body still experiences a myriad of symptoms, some seemingly unrelated. We aim to rebalance that with the customized homeopathic remedies designed just for you.

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At Feelgood Fascia, we make no attempt to portray that we are medical professionals, that this machine is a diagnostic tool or substitute for traditional medicine.

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