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About FeelGood Fascia

A few words from our founder Tiffany

First off, I just want to tell you how happy I am that you've found us! You are *finally* reaching some of the best answers I've found in my 7+ year health recovery journey! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and several other things all at once after physical trauma from the use of an antibiotic. I hurt so much that I stopped moving... for 3ish years... The more I moved around the more scared and debilitated I became from the pain rapidly increasing.

Then one day I learned about connective tissue and a light bulb turned on for me. I can't learn it all fast enough now that I know how many of us suffer from fascia (connective tissue) problems. Fasciablasting was one of the biggest answers on my quest for good health! It's like somebody flipped a switch in my body that allowed me to move with less and less pain every time I had this done! My mind was blown from the first time I used the tools. No matter your health concern, there is a good possibility that you can regain so much that you've lost.

We've been open for three years now and all I can say is, wow. People have canceled surgeries, returned to the piano after over a decade long absence, felt great pain relief despite 12+ surgeries, lifted years cosmetically, and just plain found so much relief, that it makes us all cry tears of joy.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have been blessed with! My cup is full as I see people every day discover hope and find relief!

We're glad you stopped by our site! I look forward to meeting and joining you on your health journey!

FeelGood Fascia

Tiffany’s Story

She was a ballroom dancer since age 15. Danced Latin in college and graduated with her Bachelor’s degree from Weber State University. In her senior year of college, she took an antibiotic for a simple infection and it wrecked her gut.That event subsequently led to massive deterioration of her health in less than a month. Within two months of taking it, she became fully bedridden from excessive pain all over her body. She remained bedridden for about three years. During this time she was determined to live her life to the fullest and made it her mission to recover fully and share that hope and guidance with others.

With relentless effort toward finding answers for her health concerns, she has reached an almost complete recovery! In the last 3 years, Tiffany has eliminated SIX of those health concerns and reduced her Fibromyalgia pains by 90%! It is nothing shy of a miracle. It's also no surprise that she's in hot pursuit of that last 10%!

Tiffany credits God, Fasciablasting, energy work, diet change and proper supplementation with the health gains she has worked so hard to achieve!

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